Each wood surfboard is custom made to any dimension, length, width, rocker, or shape.

These are not a mass produced surfboard built from a kit

Mission Wood Surfboards is one of only a few surfboard builders in the world who chamber their surfboards.  Built one at a time, the process requires time, skill and precision workmanship.  The results are a uniquely individual piece of usable, surfable, heirloom quality art.

The pride you'll feel in owning a Mission Wood Surfboard is similar to owning a fine car, a unique yacht or a collectable piece of art.

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Authentic Hawaiian Style Early 1900's Alaia
7'6" Paulownia with 8 Cedar Stringers


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(Blank glued up. Ready to cut and start shaping.)

9' 6" Surfboard 
Paulownia with 7 Redwood Stringers and Ebony Tail Block


Sacred Craft Expo in Santa Cruz California - 3/2011

Hand out from Sacred Craft Expo

As many options as a foam Surfboard

here for a Video from the Expo

Rough blank prior to shaping and chambering

Same board....Finished!

The chambering process

Solid wood surfboards hollowed within 3/8" to 1/4" thickness, staggered structural chambers 9-10".

Hollowed sections put back together for final shaping, then glassed with
s-glass and epoxy resin for a super strong and very light, responsive wood surfboard.

For wood surfboard orders or information e-mail me at mike@missionwoodsurfboards.com