Each wood surfboard is custom made to any dimension, length, width, rocker, or shape.

(Stand Up Paddleboard)

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Cedar SUP (Stand up paddleboard)
12' 6" long
30" 1/2" wide
5 1/2" thick at nose
3 1/4" thick at tail
16" wide at tail

12’6” cedar R/T model is the ultimate in beauty and performance.  A long water line, using low rocker and hard edges for optimum water release, while increasing momentum and glide with minimum effort.  From the water cutting bow and flat angled deck to a sharp water exit at the tail this is the ultimate weapon for maximum speed, amazing glide and smooth flow through the water.  This SUP is one you’ll never out grow and with its beautiful looks you’ll be the envy of everyone whether you’re out for a nice easy paddle or standing in the winner’s circle.  This SUP is truly a natural beauty.


Includes deck pad, carrying handle fin box and fin.


Construction Method:   Frame and plank

12” on center frames from marine plywood with ¼” cedar planking over frames.  Solid nose and tail block


Epoxy Resin:                      2 layers of 4 oz fiberglass cloth on deck, 2 layers on rails and nose and tail, 1 layer on bottom


Finish:                                   Glass coat for protection and beautiful shine


Description:                        12’6” x 30 ½” x 14 ½”” at tail

                                                5” thick at nose, tapers to 3 ½” at tail

                                                Volume approx 230/260

                                                41 pounds dry weight


Rider:                                    Beginner to experienced.  Very stable and fast






Custom orders have priority!  I will set aside any project I'm working on to work on your custom order.  Custom orders take approximately 30 days to complete. 

All of the boards, including he Alaias, Tow In Boards, and Stand Up Boards are available in Paulownia, Cedar, and Redwood.

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